The Best Beach Movies

The Best Beach Movies

Who doesn't know this feeling: You couldn't be bothered getting up from the couch all day, although the weather outside is sunny and perfect for a day out at the beach.

Who cares! - Be lazy - we bring the beach to you!

Here are our TOP 5 of the best beach movies/TV series ever!

5. Jaws (1975)

Sharks, Screams and the right touch of thrill. Good show with a lot of remakes, though.

4. Lost - TV series (2004-2010)

With this show you suddenly find yourself watching the 4th series on a Saturday night already, although you just started with no. 1 on Friday.
You could get a little lost, though.

3. Cast away (2000)

Tom Hanks and his best friend 'Wilson'. What else do you want? No, this film is seriously worth watching if you like a little bit of drama.

2. The beach (2000)

Brilliant movie. But which film with Leo isnt?! Great way of artfully playing with the scenes.

1. The blue lagoon (1980)

A true classic of all beach movies. A must-see!

 Don't forget the popcorn! - Enjoy!